Thursday, 11 August 2011

To Christen the blog

So a brief introduction before getting into the science. I'm currently a student at UCL on my summer break and wanting to share some of the fantastic world of science with you. On this blog I will share with you random bits of this world that I find interesting enough to write about and share with you. Chances are there will be a large focus on HIV as this is an area of real interest to me, but other things like circadian rhythms, infectious diseases, the immune system and so on may well come up. Some science based sport topics may also come up depending what floats my boat (if I get cramp playing football chances are I'll write an article on cramp).

Feel free to keep checking back in to see the things that are amusing my mind each week and hopefully to learn a thing or two (or at least kill a few minutes while the kettle boils).

First post will follow soon, to be titled "on the origin of HIV."

Take it easy!

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